What is watssap ?

By | October 3, 2017

Watssap” is the wrong name of a mobile app named whatsapp.

“Watssap” is a cross-platform messaging application that allows you to send messages without having to pay for SMS charges. “Watssap” is available for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Windows Phone and Nokia. “Watssap” uses the Internet to make voice calls, send text messages, GIF, images, videos, documents, user location, audio files, phone contacts and voice notes using standard cellular mobile numbers. “Watssap” handles 27 billion messages a day, and has over 450 million active users a month.
The client was created by WhatsApp Inc, based in Mountain View, California.
On February 19, 2014, Facebook spent $ 19 billion to buy messenger services with 450 million users.
At the Mobile Technology Exhibition (MWC) in Barcelona, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said “Watssap” “is worth more than $ 19 billion.”
February 2016, “Watssap” had a user base of over one billion, making it the most popular messaging application at the time.
“Watssap” was incorporated in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, They are former employees of Yahoo.
Koum named the app “WhatsApp” to sound like “what’s up”. On February 24, 2009, he incorporated WhatsApp Inc. in California. After months at beta stage, the application eventually launched in November 2009 exclusively on the App Store for the iPhone. Koum then hired a friend who lived in Los Angeles, Chris Peiffer, to develop the BlackBerry version, which arrived two months later.
“Watssap” was switched from a free to paid service to avoid growing too fast, mainly because the primary cost was sending verification texts to users. In December 2009, the ability to send photos was added to “Watssap” for the iPhone. By early 2011, “Watssap” was one of the top 20 apps in Apple’s U.S. App Store.
By February 2013, “Watssap” had about 200 million active users and 50 staff members.
Koum announced on his Twitter account that “Watssap” had over 600 million active users worldwide. At that point “Watssap” was adding about 25 million new users every month, or 833,000 active users per day. With 65 million active users representing 10% of the total worldwide users, India has the largest number of consumers.
On January 18, 2016, WhatsApp’s founder Jan Koum announced that the service would no longer charge their users a $1 annual subscription fee in an effort to remove a barrier faced by some users who do not have a credit card to pay for the service.

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